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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chillar Party – The Movie Trailer

This great movie for this summer to have fun with children.Chillar Party is the story of a bunch of kids from Chandan Nagar called Encyclopedia, Jhanghia, Akram, Secondhand, Panauti, Silencer, Aflatoon and Shaolin in whose lives enter two strangers – Fatka and Bheedu. And together they alter the course of their future by never giving up on what they believe in. The film is co-produced by Salman Khan and Ronnie Screwvala & is releasing on 8th July, 2011.

Starring: Irrfan Khan, Sanath Menon, Rohan Grover, Naman Jain
Directors: Vikas Bahl, Nitesh Tiwari
Producers: Ronnie Screwvala, Salman Khan

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ra.One is another shah rukh khan,s action thriller and stunning movie.All the actions are new and shocking click below to enjoy the trailer to this latest movie.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tanu Weds Manu

Today i am going to tell you about a latest Bollywood movie Tanu Weds Manu. Why you should watch “Tanu Weds Manu”? For R. Madhavan who will win you heart as a sweet lovable NRI doctor Manu who has the misfortune of falling in love with a Kanpur-girl Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) who not only rejects him as a suitor but also uses him to elope with her ruffian boyfriend.

Hiding his heartbreak and disappointment behind a smile, Madhavan fits into the role of a goody goody NRI like a glove. He is hopelessly in love with Tanuja who doesn’t miss a single opportunity to hurt him. Rules, they say, are meant to be broken and that’s what Tanu’s agenda in life is – to break all rules that a middle-class family swears by.

Well, an NRI coming home to find a suitable bride for him is very common in Indian society and director Anand Rai’s comedy opens with the same. He tries to be as close to reality as possible – from the backdrop, to clothes, to character artists – all bring out the element of a middle-class setup perfectly.

With a marriage in the background providing a perfect place for Tanu’s second chance meeting with Manu, the movie traces the relationship between the girl and the NRI. Surely, perfect material for sentimental romances with ‘comedy ka tadka’.

But there is something missing to make it a perfect romantic comedy. First, the script is punctured, then their is no chemistry between Madhavan and Kangana and if that was not enough, the narrative doesn’t flow at the desired pace – it’s slower than it should be.

Though the director picked up an interesting subject, he has not succeeded in executing his story effectively on screen – there are not enough laughs in the film. Whatever funny scenes are there, credit goes to the chemistry between Madhavan and Deepak Dobriyal who plays his friend Pappi.

Kangana’s dialogue delivery puts you off and she lacks the spunk and spark to play the free bird that she is in the movie. In fact, Swara Bhaskar, who plays her friend Payal, holds the fort as the Bihari girl who is marrying a sardarji (Eijaz Khan) who also happens to be Manu’s best friend.

Payal is impressed with Manu and even tries to drill some sense into Tanu’s head but Tanu, a rebel, doesn’t want to admit her feelings for the man who is picked by her parents.

Critics won’t appreciate the plot but Madhavan fans would find enough material to enjoy the film.

Music plays an important role in a wedding-based romantic comedy and the director could have got it right if he had opted for fast-paced peppy numbers.

In the performance department, full marks go to Madhavan, Deepak and Swara. The supporting cast of K.K. Raina, Rajendra Gupta and Navni Parihar don’t have much to do, but whatever role they have, they carry it well. Jimmy Shergill as Kangana’s ruffian boyfriend is wasted, so is Ravi Kishen as his sidekick.

If you are looking for a great romantic comedy, this is not the one, but watch it for Madhavan and his chemistry with Deepak.

Friday, January 1, 2010

avatar trailer

Watch here latest and hit movie AVATAR traler

Storyline Review of Avatar

Avatar as we have all heard is expected to be the biggest blockbuster of the century and a movie that is believed to be a breakthrough in sci-fi filmmaking. All set to hit the theaters on 18th of December, the movie is packed with awe-inspiring entertainment that is expected to draw both movie aficionados as well as occasional moviegoers to the theatres. Let us take a quick glimpse of the story and what the film holds in store for us.

The movie is set in Pandora, a moon in the alpha-centauri galaxy and revolves around the natives of this alien land, the Navi and the Unobtanium, a human creation that first turned earth into a wasteland and is now exploiting Pandora too. The Navi population is deemed as an intellectually superior race and lives a life of peace and harmony. A human colony after the destruction of earth is now based in Navi and is the cause of agony to this peace-loving population.

The epic saga is set a century later into the future and represents everything that one can imagine to be or happen in centuries later from now. The hero Jake, an ex-mariner, is now a paraplegic and has an ‘Avatar’, Vishnu, who is controlled by Jake’s conscience while he lies in a casket still and lifeless. The Avatar like the natives is a nine-foot blue alien with a cat-like face and features that are typical of the race.

The Avatar, in fact Jake falls in love with the Navi princess from whom he learns the values of love, peace and harmony, which humans have lost altogether. It is his love for the Princess Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldana, and the lessons of friendship and love that he learns from her, which change his perspectives totally. He now decides to lead the Navi race against the evil human colonists that are destroying the beautiful and serene planet of Navi.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


NEW YORK - It was a memorable and merry Christmas in Hollywood as moviegoers shattered box-office records, responding in droves to a diverse array of high-profile releases over the holiday weekend.

The estimated $278 million in weekend box-office revenue broke the previous record of roughly $253 million set in July 2008, the weekend.The one-two punch of "Avatar" and "Sherlock Holmes" propels the box office to a new record
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